The football World Cup is one of the most sought-after events in the history of European football.  The audience is eagerly waiting for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Every year, this is the time of excitement around the world when people want to find out if their favorite football stars would appear in the world cup or not. However, the qualification round this year has surprised many by missing out some of the big names who are not likely to feature this time in the Football World Cup.

Before we start, though… Are you going to stay in Russia?

If you are planning on going for a trip to Russia, then you need to be aware of their culture. It means you should be avoiding any fishy things, becuase you will be a target of scams. Well, it happens everywhere, every 4 time, so there in no blaming of Russia. Just be aware of fake ticket sales right before the stadium gates. Avoid staying in fake hostels, unless you are prepared for they very awkward adventures. Keep your head up and use common sense. You should be fine. Now to the players.

Some of those big surprises are as follows:

Gary Medel


“Gary Medel Photo”


A former player from Sevilla and Inter Milan, who has been one the most influential players in his country will not play in the football world cup this year. He missed out the automatic places, and that is, why was left out by the team of Peru. He will be missed during the final matches.



Alexis Sanchez

“Alexis Sanchez”

The news that the 28-year-old Alexis Sanchez’s will not be playing in World Cup 2018 has shocked his fans around the world. He has been one of the best-attacking midfielders in international football so it is evident that the world cup matches would not be the same without him.

Gareth Bale


“Gareth Bale”


After an excellent performance in the Euro Cup of 2016, Gareth Bale was still not qualified by the team of Republic of Ireland for the World Cup 2018. This is disappointing for the fans who wanted to see him make his debut in the FIFA World Cup.

Arjen Robben

“Arjen Robben”

The absence of Arjen Robben is frustrating for the fans since he has had a star-studded career in football. He has played with some big clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid and much more. During his career in football, he has scored as much as 199 times which is a significant number for a footballer. When Robben announced his retirement from International football, many of his fans and followers were disappointed because of his great performance. Of course scoring 37 times in his mere 96 appearances for Netherland has been marvelous. 2018 FIFA World Cup is going to miss him.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan


“Henrikh Mkhitaryan”


The star attacker of Manchester United, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, will not be playing in the FIFA World Cup 2018 since Armenia did not qualify for the World Cup. This has disappointed the fans from all over the world since he was considered an indispensable part of the team. The team will miss his magic.


It is clear that some of the critical players are missing from the World Cup in 2018. However, there is still a lot of excitement when it comes to football World Cup. We need to wait to see the surprises it holds for the fans.