Top Football Websites Featured on Twitter and Facebook

We are living in a world that is guided by a huge amount of information that is changing every minute and all of us are looking to find out the latest news immediately as that news are online. As a football fan, I always try to stay close to the best football websites, in order to be informed.

Types of Football Websites

Football is a domain that attracts many fans from the entire world. Each fan has different interests in this domain and due to this nowadays you may find a large variety of websites that are dealing with this global phenomenon. If you are looking to find out the history of football and football matches, then you should visit statistics football websites such as Soccerbase or Statto. Maybe you would like to read blogs that are dealing with football, as my blog, and some of the best blogs, according to The Telegraph, include Soccerlens and Inside Left. Most of football fans are interested in the news because football is a very dynamic domain. The best websites for football news are Football 365, and Soccernet. Sometimes football may be also funny and if you are looking to have fun you should visit websites such as the Dirty Tackle and Midfield Dynamo.

Football Websites on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter represent nowadays two of the most used social network to disseminate information and communication between people and organizations from all over the world. Smartphones and Iphones permit access minute by minute to these social networks. Because football has most fans around the world among sports, football is present also on Facebook and Twitter. There are many websites that have posts on these two social networks, websites with hundreds of thousands of followers from all over the world. I will give here some examples of websites that are on Facebook and maybe you will be interested to become a follower of these websites. One of these websites is Mirror Football, which declares itself as “The world’s greatest football website”.

Another important football website that is present on Facebook is Football News. Gambling is strongly related to football and due to this there are many websites dealing with betting that are present of Facebook, such as Global Sports Tipster.

Twitter is another social network that may be used by football fans in order to find out statistics, news, results or have fun. Some of the best websites on Twitter that are related to football include Football Funnys or ESPN Fantasy Sports.

Football clubs on Facebook and Twitter

Because professional football clubs are very interested in marketing and their relationship with fans, most of them have profiles and posts on Facebook and Twitter. Using Facebook and Twitter, football clubs are able to inform their fans every day very easily and their fans have the opportunity to follow every step that is made by their favorite teams. For example Southampton FC is present on Twitter and the fans of this team may always be informed regarding this club results, upcoming matches or transfers. Chelsea FC is another club that is present on Twitter and if you are fan of this great club, you should not miss the latest twitts. National football teams are also on Twitter, as for example New Zealand or Belgium.

If in the previous paragraph I have spoken about football teams on Twitter, now it is the moment to give you some examples of football teams that are on Facebook. I will start with Chelsea FC, which has almost 48 millions of likes. FC Barcelona is another big club that you may find on Facebook. If you are a Real Madrid’s fan, then you should follow this club’s posts on Facebook.

According toSocial Bakers, the largest audience on Facebook is belonging to FC Barcelona, followed by Real Madrid and Manchester United.

My previous posts have detailed certain topics related to international football and Vietnamese football, and in this post I have tried to bring to my readers’ attentions the most important football websites. Nowadays, websites, Facebook profiles and Twitter posts may inform football fans every minute and in this way each football fan will stay update with the lastest information regarding his or her favorite team.