If you are a Vietnamese football fan, then you may feel that you are not very lucky. If you have seen at least several football matches from the European football leagues, then you may become frustrating from many perspectives regarding the Vietnamese football.

Comparing Vietnamese Football with European Football

European FootballNowadays, we have access to a wide range of information. As a football fan, having access to football leagues all over the world is a great advantage. Due to the fact that I have access to European football through the Internet, I may watch a large number of football games from Europe, which in my opinion is the best football in the world.As a Vietnamese football fan, I am always tempted to compare domestic football with the European football. Maybe it is not the best attitude if we take into account the amount of money that is involved in European football, but every football fan is looking to watch the best football games. One of the greatest leagues in Europe which is seen mostly in Vietnam is the Premier League. The Premier League has a great marketing in Asia because English clubs are aware that Asia could represent a great market for sale of promotional materials, which represent an important income for English football teams.

Betting on football matches in Vietnam

In one of my previous posts on this blog, I have mentioned that one of the biggest issues of the Vietnamese football is represented by the illegal gambling. If in European countries betting on football matches is regulated by many laws in this domain, in Vietnam gambling was illegal for many years, but even in this situation, gambling was a powerful domain on the black market. In the last years, gambling has become legal, but with some limitation imposed by the government. Due to this, the black market is still functional in the gambling domain and as a football fan in Vietnam you may be unsatisfied by the gambling regulations.

Fixing football matches – a shame for Vietnamese football

Fix matches in VietnamAs I have mentioned in one of the previous posts, the biggest problem for the Vietnamese football is represented by football matches that are fixed by coaches, players, referees or bookmakers, in order to earn more money from gambling on football events. In my opinion, fixing football matches at the highest levels, such as the Vietnamese League 1 or during the national team matches, it is the biggest shame for the Vietnamese football. According to The Guardian, the Vietnamese football is one of the most corrupted leagues in the world. Due to this problem, Vietnamese football may be considered a football that should be avoided and the progress of local football may remain only a dream for Vietnamese football fans.

These are just some of the major frustrations that a Vietnamese football fan has to face nowadays. Having access to the best football, such as European football, if you are a Vietnamese football fan you may feel frustrated and disappointed by the quality of the football that you have in your country.