Some of the world’s most famous football players belong to the European Clubs. UEFA Europa League, Champions Cup, La Liga, English Premium league are a few annual competitions where the best clubs fight to win the cup. Each club has its fair share of African and South American players, who are on top of their game. To understand this completely, let’s take a few examples.

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Neymar, who is a Brazilian player plays for Paris Saint-German. Mo salah, who is an Egyptian player plays for Liverpool and his tremendous contribution has put Liverpool in the top spots again.

Now, Real Madrid is a Spanish football club that is based out of Madrid. Almost nine players, including Marcelo, Rodriguez are from South America. Without them, the team will not remain as strong as they are now.

Even when you take Barcelona into consideration, which is one of the top clubs of the league, you can see that Messi is also from South America and he is one of the best players they have. Messi’s talent has recused the club from losing a plethora of times.

Chelsea is an English Professional Football Club, where one of their goalkeepers, Caballero is from South America. Today, if we look closely, we can see that South American and African players are dominating the league.

Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Pierre-Emerick are the league’s top scorers on 22 goals. Last year, the English Premium League has seen the influence of African players more than ever. Their teams were able to succeed because of the efforts shown by these players. Therefore, if the African players were removed, then maybe the winning teams might have suffered a loss as they are an integral part of the team.

According to a German website, it was reported that almost 42 African players are contracted to the English Premium League clubs. However, the most popular stars remain Salah, Mane, Kelechi Iheanacho, Naby Kaita, Wilfred Zaha, Alex Iwobi, Wilfred Ndidi, and Victor Wanyama. And, unlike before, players of African descent playing for European clubs has only gone up.

Now, when it comes to Asian players, we can all agree that they are the most underrated players in the world. Sun Jihai, Park Ji-Sung, Ki Sung-yueng are some of the most popular Asian players who have graced the premier league. However, Asians still have a long way to go, in order to make their mark in the European leagues. The situation is getting better every day and each player today is being picked because of their talent and not because where they come from.