After four long years of waiting, the magnificent World Cup is here.

It is the same world tournament held after every four years with the same goal but with more improved talents. This time, it has a better platform with new technology like the VAR ready to be used for the first time in the history of world football. Its fever has already pitched in, and football fans around the world cannot wait for its commencement. With the participating teams already drawn, die-hard fans are now planning how to get to Russia and where to stay over during the period. On the other hand, Russia has braced the whole event with jubilation, and it is fully prepared for this global soccer festival. Are you?

Communication in Russian Cities

The World Cup 2018 is a worldwide event that is graced by fans from all walks of life and from different parts of the world. Hence, these external visitors to Russia have an uphill task of familiarizing themselves with the language and culture of Russians. It goes without saying that these visiting fans need to brush up on their language for an easy time in this foreign nation. For the fans who will be heading to both Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is paramount for them to know a little bit of the Cyrillic language but they are lucky since the Latin language is also common. Those seeking refuge in other Russian cities, however, may not be as lucky and learning Cyrillic language will come in handy. Nonetheless, people will be headed to Russia to enjoy, and if learning these foreign languages is much to ask, then you can as well do away with it since football prediction is in itself a universal language understood by all fanatics.

Travel Arrangements

If you haven’t been to Russia yet, it could seem like a bureaucratic hell-hole. The country is renowned for its complicated travel requirements, and a lot of travel plans have to be made beforehand to avoid a stalemate when the event draws near. I recommend that you get your visa in order early enough for the requirements for you to get to the world’s largest country are massive. However, due to the FIFA World Cup, the process has been eased tremendously with the issuance of a Fan-ID that is photographic, making thing easier. As a travelling fan, as soon as you acquire your tickets, I advise that you look for this free pass due to its benefits in accessing stadiums, public transport, and the fact that it will also function as a visa.

Free Time – Time For MYLF

MYLF - For Your Free Time!

MYLF – For Your Free Time!

It’s a fact that between matches of your team you will have plenty of free time to enjoy with various activities. One of them should be visiting MYLF – dedicated to mature women. It’s adult entertainment website that’s going to be launched somewhere during the World Cup and it will make an awesome addition to your free time activities. MYLF standing for Mom You Would Love To F*** is going to feature American mature women teaching you secrets of perfect sex. After enjoying it, you can go back to spending your time on tourism! 🙂


Well, from studying the previous FIFA World Cup events, Russia has pinpointed security issues that often face this event, and it is standing on guard to correct them all this time around. While delving into the security situation in Russia for this global event, I learnt that the security team has beefed up security for the sole reason of a successful event. Bearing in mind that the whole world has its eyes on Russia, the President, Vladimir Putin, had come-out and assured all of their safety while in the country.


If there is something that should be the least of worries for the fans, it is the stadiums. There are 12 stadia for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Their magnificence of these stadiums is beyond reproach since they are real structures of beauty. If you are not objective enough, they might end up being the highlight of your show. Some of them have been built from scratch while several existing ones have been renewed to suit the world’s standards. Therefore, troubles of poorly managed stadiums will not be a common feature for the 2018 World Cup, and their construction is sure to be completed in time.

Sometimes, the weather in Russia is a nightmare, especially for sporting activities. However, not this time around. You should not worry about the expected snow-filled Siberian winter because the climate in most Russian cities is expected to be nothing short of amazing. A mixture of the elements of weather is expected; lots of sunshine, a little bit of rain, and the wind too but it will all be fine for the FIFA World Cup 2018. All roads will be leading to the Siberian wonderland for all the footballing action and Russia had better stand tall all through the event.