About Me

I’m a big football fan – a fan of real football, namely European football. I really love to watch the biggest clubs in the world, the biggest players that are representing these huge clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munchen, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Juventus Torino, AC Milan, Internazionale Milano, Paris Saint Germain, AS Monaco etc. I love to watch European football because there are exciting games, I may see top players playing a great football and the competition is at the highest standards. As a Vietnam guy, I would like that some day, very soon, to be able to watch similar football matches in the Vietnamese League 1. But it is a long way that this dream comes true.

In my opinion, the football league in each country is the mirror of that country. If you live in a developed country, with a high standard of life, then most probably you are a lucky guy that enjoys a great football league. On the other hand, if you are living in a developing country, or a poor country, then most probably the local football league has many problems. As a Vietnamese, I hope that soon the blemish of fixing matches and illegal gambling in Vietnamese football league and Vietnamese teams will be part of the past. Maybe in this way I will have the opportunity to see important sponsors coming into our football league and support the development of this great sport. Having important sponsors in the Vietnamese football league, our clubs will have the opportunity to bring reputed and top players in the Vietnamese League 1. Important sponsors may ensure high salaries for top players all over the world and in this way, Vietnamese football may progress.

One of my dreams is to travel and see my favourite’s players playing in the greatest stadiums in Europe such as San Siro, Camp Nou, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge or Allianz Arena. I’m sure that the feelings that you may experience by attending a football game on such a stadium are memorable. Nowadays, football games and football players represent some of the most attractive way of relaxing during your free time. This sport generates huge interest even in the far places on Earth where television and the Internet are present. Having access to Internet and Television, as a Vietnamese guy, I’m lucky that I can enjoy my favourite teams from Europe. I love to watch football games, football debates, matches summaries and funny situations that may happen in certain games.

I’m always trying to be up to date and find out the latest news in the European football. I’m following all the important statistics websites related with football, but also the most important newspapers that are focused on the European football, such as L’Équipe, Gazzettadello Sport, Marca or The Sun. It is true that it is time consuming to read all the information regarding European football, but when this is your biggest hobby, then you will never get bored discovering more and more the greatest football on the planet. I have to admit that sometimes it is quite difficult to follow all the matches in Europe due to the difference in the time zone between Vietnam and Europe, but if there are important derbys like FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid or Manchester United vs. Liverpool FC, then I will be able to spend my night watching such great football matches.

My biggest upset is that the Vietnamese football is not progressing. Even if nowadays we have access to the European football games and examples, after the globalization reached our football, other problems have raised, such as illegal gambling and fixing matches. This is caused by the great temptation of easy gain of money from these illegal actions. I really hope that very soon, after the police have arrested numerous players, officials, referees and coaches in the Vietnamese football, the Vietnamese League 1 become one of the greatest leagues at least in Asia and important players may be tempted to play here, at least at the end of their careers.

Because I love European football leagues, I decided to express my ideas in my posts on this blog, in order to inform other friends and people about the real football – European football.